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Why Businesses Love Fluidworks?Onboarding Calls

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    Enhanced Engagement

    Personalized, real-time demos tailored to customer needs.

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    Increased Efficiency

    24/7 availability and scalable solutions for more simultaneous demos.

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    Optimised Focus

    Sales teams can concentrate on high-value clients and complex deals.

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    Data-Driven Insights

    Valuable data collection and analysis to refine sales strategies.

Why Prospects Love Fluidworks?Effortless Sales Demonstrations

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    Personalized Experience

    Tailored demos with instant Q&A for relevant, engaging interactions.

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    Access demos anytime, fitting their schedule without waiting.

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    Consistent Information

    Reliable and up-to-date product details.

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    Informed Decisions

    Comprehensive understanding to make confident purchasing choices.

Use Cases

Discovery Call Agent

Discovery Call

15 - 30 Mins

The agent is able to join discovery calls with customers, engaging in dialogue by asking and responding to questions. They further understand the customer's needs and pain points, and help them see the value of the product.

Demo Call Agent

Demo Call

30 Mins - 1 Hour

Performing typical Account Executive tasks, the agent gives the customer personalized demos and addresses any queries they have. The agent explains in detail how the software solves their business problems. It also discusses the pricing with the customer using a business rule engine to propose discounts.

Onboarding Call Agent

Onboarding Call

30 Mins - 1 Hour

Comprehensive onboarding & training sessions to get the customer up to speed with the all the features in the software.

Pricing Plans

Launch Planlaunch plan


per month

  • Includes 60 Demo or Onboarding Calls per month

* Validity: Introductory price is valid if activated within 60 days
* Duration: Plan will last for 24 months without price revision
* Currently we don't support trial as onboarding and training the model is a huge time consuming job for a small team .

launch plan

Customized Pricing for Startups

  • Startups with less than 60 demos, please contact our founding team to discuss personalised pricing options tailored to your needs.
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