How to Scale Founder Lead Sales?

Jose Kuttan12 Mar 2024

How to Scale Founder Lead Sales?

“Scaling sales as a founder isn't a walk in the park. With two startups and acquisitions under my belt, I've learned firsthand how tough it can be.”

The Pain

Selling wasn't my strong suit at first, especially coming from an engineering background. It took time to get good at it and to build a solid sales team. Finding the right people was like searching for a needle in a haystack, and keeping them motivated wasn't easy. After a few years of trial and error, we finally got our sales team together. But just when things were going well, we faced the challenge of scaling up after being acquired.


This pain led us to build Fluidworks – AI Agent that acts like a human agent, engaging with customers and showcasing our product without the pressure of a traditional sales pitch. Our realisation stemmed from the evolving nature of modern sales, where automation plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations. Through experimentation with workflow automations and speech recognition technology, we discovered the potential to revolutionise the sales experience

Presently, our agent can:

  • Engage with customers during live video calls
  • Follow scripts crafted by the sales or onboarding teams
  • Demo software functionality in real time, interactively
  • Address inquiries and provide demos
  • Present slides based on queries (currently static, with plans for dynamic integration)

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes:

  • Integration as a Zoom/Meet app
  • Enhancing demos with studio-like cuts
  • Implementing live sentiment analysis and adaptive responses
  • Serving as a sales engineer's co-pilot

We'd love more feedback from anyone who might be interested in our tool.

Please email - jose@fluidworks or do a quick chat

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